All of our discos are made with the highest quality flour and vegetable oil on the market. 
Every single one of our products is made with 100 percent natural ingredients for an 
authentic flavor you can only find with Gusto. 

Our dough is made without the use of any artificial ingredients and all of our products contain zero trans-fat. Gusto Empanadas are available in a variety of fresh new flavors and sizes that you won’t 
find anywhere but here.

Free Flow Spacers                                                                                                                       
Our one of a kind free flow spacers are used for all of our Gusto Discos. The free flow spacer is a long clear plastic strip that separates the dough. Not only does it keep the dough from sticking in the package, it is also perfect for separating the empanadas after they are prepared right before you are ready to cook. If you have ever worked with empanada dough you know that it is essential to keep the dough from touching. The free flow spacer works especially well for freezing, refrigerating, storing, and shipping empanadas that are already prepared. I guess you could say its one more thing that separates us from the competition.

Better Ingredients... Better Dough                                                                                             
All of our dough is made with the highest quality ingredients. Try any of our Gusto products and you will see, taste, and feel the difference. The picture to the left helps demonstrate the elasticity of our dough. You can see how the disco pratically doubles in size. A higher level of elsasticity makes the dough much easier to work with and also makes it much more difficult to tear during preparation. 

If you are looking for the best then look no further because we are one of the proud few producers who use nothing but the best. All of our ingredients are the highest grade and all of the flour used at Gusto is nutrient enriched. Not to mention that all of our products are 100% natrual and contain 0g Trans-Fat.
5.5 inch Diameter 
6.5 Inch Diameter
Some more of our delicious varieties of empanada dough
Introducing the Mini Gusto.

All of the delicous  flavor 

packed in into a snack size