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Just like the Achiote Grande these dough circles are made using the same annatto extract (achiote) which gives the dough a vibrant colorful appeal.  The natural color of the dough is a refreshing alternative to the traditional dough. These empanadas work especially well with hot and spicy dishes because the achiote flavor in the dough balances nicely with spicy foods.

Pictured below are the achiote seeds which are derived from the annatto tree. The annatto plant is a tropical tree that can be found across Central and South America.
Gusto uses 100% natrual achiote seeds to make both the GRANDE ACHIOTE and the GUSTO ACHIOTE. Many other companies use artificial coloring agents to achieve the reddish color. Our empanada dough is made by extracting the essence of the seeds and using the pigments to natrually color the dough.  The achiote extract derived from the tropical annatto tree gives the dough a vibrant red hue.